Just a place if you need to contact someone and to appreciate the people who help out around the site. (and to let them know they can have 2 customs a month of any Gem Shop file I stock for free)

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Looking For

With such an old game sometimes there's not a lot of different things you can do. PUGS has been redesigned to try to give people who maybe want a reason to open the game something to pass the time on. Have some time to help out?

Note that I'm not quick in filling each job so if you apply and don't hear from me it's not because I think you smell bad and can't do the job. If I happen to pick someone else, it doesn't mean your application is trashed, I'll go back to previous people who applied if I need more/a replacement.

Want to apply for something? PM the following to midinghtwolf

Other PC names (if different from PUGS):

No need to even write anything in Etc, but if you want to add similar things you've done or how much you could help out, feel free


Gem Shop Stocker

How it works: Use the automated 'Gem Stocker 3000' uploader that is very similar to how you stock your own shop.
What you do: Breed and/or hex .pet/.breed/.clo/.toy/playscenes for Gem Shops.
- You decide the cost of each item you upload. I usually price my stuff so they just barely sell because I get tired of making stuff all the time. So if you spend a bit more time on your stuff/it's a higher demand style than my stuff you'd want to sell it higher. If you want to put Santa to shame sell them lower. I would prefer someone who's not afraid to price things for higher and be alright with it potentially sitting for a few days before being purchased. I rather give people time to work for things over awarding someone just for being there at the right time.
Extra: Note if you think you'd mainly/only stock bred and/or hexed items. That way I can add another person if you're more of a breeder only.
Difference between Gem Shop Stocker and donating things to the Gem Shops: You don't have to be a Gem Shop Stocker to email Gem Shop donations. Right now they'd get put up by me when I get around to it. Gem Shop Stocker would be someone who regularly (hopefully at least once a month) breeds/hexes and uploads things on their own for the shops. They could also start receiving the donations and being the one to upload.