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Fishy has returned to his hidden treasure chest so he can give money to poor sad pups for them to go to camp. Unfortunately Bebe has found his hiding place and placed mines that were sprayed painted with invisible spray all around it. She doesn’t even want the treasure, she just doesn’t want him or the poor sad pups to have it 🙁

There is a submarine nearby that could be guided through the mines but… Fishy can’t read. 😥 If you find and collect some of the treasure, Fishy’ll let you keep some. The submarine can only make 3 trips a day. Bebe may add more mines across the boards depending on how heated things are. Each trip you make Bebe somehow adds more mines.

Remember to collect the treasure when you’ve cleared the mines. It’s not enough to just find it, get out there and Fishy will keep an eye out for sharks. You swim fast, right?

Feud Levels:

Calm First board: 3 bombs Second board: 6 bombs Third board: 9 bombs Reward 3 points each board


Caution First board: 5 bombs Second board: 8 bombs Third board: 11 bombs Reward 5 points each board


Catastrophic First board: 7 bombs Second board: 10 bombs Third board: 13 bombs Reward 7 points each board

Fishy may increase rewards if the mine sensor is weak (the board size is increased/changed)

Right click on squares to mark them as bombs

Current Feud Level: