Can’t seem to make any points? Not sure how to run a successful shop? Perhaps one of these guides can help you get on your way.

Starting out/Earning points

For most people, the point of being on PUGS is to open a shop, make big points, and sell and buy lots of petz. But I also know a lot of people are stuck in a vicious circle of playing games, spending those points on petz, and being broke again. Things are moving slowly and you don't know how you can ever get anywhere on this site...

This guide was written with someone in that vicious circle in mind. You might be new to the site and have zero points, or you might have been around a little longer and already have a few points. Either way, this guide might help you give your time on PUGS a much needed boost!

Starting out: playing games
Obviously, playing games is a good start - you figured that much out, but you don't seem very good at any of them. What to do?

First, let's look at Hangman. As in all hangman-like games, a good rule of thumb is to start with some common consonants. Vowels are much easier to fill in (consider "_nsw_r" versus "a___e_", which looks easier?), so don't guess for any of those unless you need to. This specific Hangman game only uses petz-related words, so that should help you to narrow down your guesses. You can try opening up your game and looking at the toys, breeds, etc. for inspiration. If you don't know, just take your time. Don't worry if you lose, even advanced players get it wrong sometimes!

Next is Treat Can. You won't win at this game most of the time, but there's a chance to win a nice sum of instant points for minimal effort, so it's worth a shot. It helps a lot if you keep track of which numbers you have already guessed, because you can narrow down your guesses. It helps even more if you join efforts with someone else and keep track of guessed numbers together, but unfortunately only one of you will get to take the points.

Then there's Bingo. It's best to generate your sheet on the same day as the new round starts, so you can catch as many of the numbers as possible. There is no other trick to this game but to keep trying, even if it seems like you're never going to win. It's all about luck. And if you are lucky enough to land a bingo, don't quit yet! You can get more than one bingo on the same sheet and win more points.

The last game is Whammy. Again, this is a game that requires minimum effort, but can win you some points instantly. That's all there is to it. Just remember to come back and play once a week. There is a limited number of prizes every week, so your chances are better if you play soon after it resets.

The next step: get a permit
Let's say you didn't win any of the games but Hangman. After about a week, you should still have 20 points... enough to open a shop! Alas, you can't just yet, you still need a shop permit. This is the time to play Dragon's Office and hope you'll win one. Since this game costs 5 points to play every day, be careful not to spend all the points you just saved up! Try to leave those 20 points you'll need to open your shop untouched. Spending them now might be tempting, but remember, it's only a one-time investment, you will never have to save up like this again. Skip playing Dragon's Office for a day or two if you have to. If you still only win Hangman, you will be able to afford Dragon's Office every other day. It might take a while, but sooner or later, you will win. Patience is key!

Finally won a shop permit? Awesome! Now breathe easy. Prepare yourself well before actually using the permit to get the most out of it. You wouldn't want to open your shop and have the clock start ticking while you still need to breed petz and put together graphics for them! Permits only last two weeks, and preparations can easily take a few days before you even realize it. When you've got everything in order, it's finally time to achieve your goal and open your very own PUGS shop!

Staying on top: selling stuff
But... what do you sell? You suck at hexing, and your bred petz are ugly. Wait, what?! Don't sell yourself short! You don't know for sure if someone will want to buy your items until you give it a try, so just try it. Don't forget, tastes vary! Worst case scenario, you keep trying and the practice helps you get better at what you're doing.

Don't get discouraged if you don't sell a lot. Every purchase, no matter how rare, is a success. To boost your sales, you can try lowering your prices or advertising on forums, but your best bet is to offer unique things and be creative. Do something out of the ordinary, something that people won't easily find anyplace else. You can also advertise on PUGS or purchase extra shop slots to get more sales, but since these things cost points, don't use these unless you can afford it.

Keep playing games in the mean time, and you should be able to keep playing Dragon's Office while also starting to make a little profit from your shop. Things may move slowly and not seem that amazing, but rest assured that opening your shop the very first time is the hardest part, and you've already got that behind you now. Now you just continue the cycle, and turn your vicious circle into an upward spiral. This way, sooner or later you'll be able to do whatever you want on PUGS without having to worry about your point balance so much. The important thing is not to give up. Good luck!

Selling bred petz guide

1. Set yourself ground rules. I will not sell anything that does not have certain eye colors or certain lids and I will never sell anything that doesn't have a chest patch or face stripe. I can't think of someone that will tell you they DON'T like these traits, ever. If you have a hard time breeding these with the petz you have, purchase or adopt some that do from people that you know A) fancy these traits and B) offer lots of petz with these traits, because you know that these people likely are going to have stock that produces these traits consistantly. Then breed these petz.
2. Just like in the real world, PUGS is a gamble as far as what your market likes and wants. But you have to find that out on your own. Breed, sell, and own everything, even if it's not something you prefer, because somebody else does and we can't let good lines die out of the PC. That is part of keeping the PC alive. So put up everything and monitor your sales. See rule 3 for more elaboration on rule 2.
3. Breed ahead of time. Make yourself a goal for how much you want to attempt to sell in a week if you don't have a VIP account. Make the absolute most out of your shop permit. For example, I have 12 slots. If I put up 12 petz a day for 2 points, that is 24 points. If I do that every day, that is 336 points. That's not bad, right? So massbreed before you put up your shop, even spend a few days on it if you have to. Make a goal of how many you want to put up each day. Make sure you have some backup petz, incase you feel like putting up a few more one day or something you have up doesn't sell as fast as you'd like. Those things getting snatched out of your shop are what you need to breed more of, if they are sitting there, then spend less effort putting similar petz up.
4. More than anything, people like unique petz, and if you've ever read people's likes and dislikes on a swap or similar, you'll know that most who favor bred petz like them loaded like a twice baked potato with markings and spots and patches and unique color combos galore. The more a petz has going on, the higher I value it, both personally and point-wise. It's more likely to pop out tons of different things when breeding (which appeals to other breeders!), and it's flashy and awesome. Not to mention, another thing that raises how I value my petz is not only how many unique traits there are, but how frequently you can come by those traits. A dane with dali ears is beautiful, but I have a bunch of those. A dane with chi ears, to someone who fancies danes with chi ears (*raises hand*) is a rare beauty, hard to come by and I will throw my points at you out of a rocket launcher.
5. Addressing the issue of struggling to pay for your next permit, grind your sales your first week. Use that whole first week of your permit to get your next one so you always have one on hand. Once you have it, sigh in relief and bathe in your profits. If for some reason, you did not manage to get it, don't sweat it. If you are good at Hangman, that is three points a day. That severely cuts the cost of you trying to open your shop again. Try again after your current permit is outta the way.
6. Offer a variety at the time that you post petz for sale. Visuals have a loooot to do with how we, as humans, are attracted to things and percieve things. It's silly to bring into petz, but I have vended at craft's fairs and exotic shows and having a variety of things for people to look at is always eye- catching. So try and put up petz of various colors at the time, even if they are all the same breed. And even if your petz only produce three colors- just make sure you provide a decent mix of those three colors when you put them for sale. So three gray, three brown, three dust, versus eight dust, one brown, one gray, etc.
7. I am ending this with a breeding strategy- if you don't have Dottie's PetzA keyboard shortcut, you definitely should download it! (can be found over at PCG here ) The multiple task can crash on occasion, but I do still use it because it is much, much better than killing your hands. I can breed up to 10 at a time with no crashes.

Created by: Mika