Gem Market

Have to admit I’ve almost dropped everything with this game because things are pretty rough but someone convinced me to do this huge rehaul.

I deleted all of my hexed files so any old file you see (labled ARTI*) will be the last of that file. If you miss a file you wanted, I’m not able to do any trades. In fact, I’m not doing any trades for newer files either, everything is obtained exclusivly via Gem Shops.

Gem shops are stocked in ‘themes’. One file won’t stock throughout shops anymore, but in the same shop. Visit each shop to see what it stocks. No limits per file. Since prices are massively increased (brace yourself) if you want to spend a fortune on the same file be my guest. *not responsible for how the community may view you if you buy out everything. Chronic returners are annoying though so don’t buy if you’re just wanting to “rent”.

IMPORTANT: I’m not offering any support regarding hexing, brexing, breeding, textures, or any kind of editing or game help. I’m ONLY responding to download problems. If you have any problems not related to downloading the file seek advice in the community.

P3 users: The P4 bunny textures are often used and since that breed doesn’t exist in P3, wherever it’s used will appear textureless. Avoid buying variations that use it or, if you have a fix and want to edit the file contact me. (making them external? not sure how it’d work for the tranparencies but i’d like to know if you know)

prices may increase on items that are restocked after selling out (toys, textures, etc)

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