Amber Shop


Welcome to Reaper’s Amber shop. This shop sells ‘Prehistoric/Extinct’ themed files.

Dino eggs can have between 1 and 3 external textures. You MAY trade dino eggs for other dino eggs if what hatches doesn’t interest you before returning it. This doesn’t extend to dinos/files that don’t appear as eggs <100.

If you experience a game crash in P5 it’s because the (mostly large species) dino may be using the old large dino texture size of 192×192. You’re free to crop the texture but it may not resemble the purchase image. I try to avoid using these textures on newer dinos and use the 128x128s instead but I don’t always pay attention. As of DATE i’ll forget to edit when im done P5 users should avoid purchasing Parasaurs F72, F73, and Apartment Dino F65 unless you don’t mind cropping. I just don’t have the time to weed through them all myself.

*The Ostroptor had a small structure tweak (chest, belly, butt, tail re-positioned). If you have a raptor from before the site change and don’t agree with Sir Mix-A-Lot send it to the admin email and it’ll be updated.