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Welcome to the FAQ page. Please read through the FAQ before emailing me any questions.


Q: Every time I try to plan Whammy, the squares are always red, what does this mean?
A: A red square means that prize was already won. If all the squares are red, you will always hit a whammy. You can try playing earlier, before all the prizes have been won.
Q: I won Bingo but it won't let me generate a new sheet?
A: Once you've won Bingo, you must wait until next round to play again. A new round starts every two weeks.

Q: I missed a day, can I ask what the numbers were and have them crossed off on my sheet?
A: No. Even if someone tells you the numbers, you can't cross them off at a later date. You must check for yourself every day. You miss a day, you miss the numbers.

Q: Are all the bingo sheets different?
A: Yes. The system generates a different sheet for everyone.

Q: How are the numbers picked each day?
A: The database takes a random number, and then adds the letter of the column it would be in on the sheet (so 1 is displayed as B1, because 1 can only appear in the B column). So it all depends on luck. There is no way for someone, staff or otherwise, to pick or change the shown numbers.

Q: Can we tell other people the numbers we already picked to help guess the number quicker?
A: Yes, this is fine. You can even find a thread where people share their guessed numbers on some forums.

Q: When does the number of treats in the Treat Can change?
A: It is not set to change at a fixed time. Instead, the number automatically changes when it has been guessed.
Q: Why does it say I've already played Hangman? I viewed the page, but did not start playing.
A: It's considered 'played' once you visit the page. If you leave or refresh, you cannot play. This is to prevent people from refreshing the page to get an easier word to guess.


Q: Where do shop permits come from?
A: You can win them from the Dragon's Office.

Q: Can I give my permit to someone else?
A: Yes. You can give them away for free, or sell them in your shop.

Q: How long do permits last?
A: Two weeks from the day you activate it. Permits do not stack, so only activate one at a time!

Q: Are permits activated automatically?
A: No. You must activate the permit in your inventory.

Q: Why do permits only last a limited amount of time?
A: If a shop is filled and someone leaves or becomes inactive for whatever reason, they won't be there to send out the things you buy from them. It's annoying for both the staff and the members when this happens. Automatically terminating shops after a certain amount of time saves everyone annoyance.

Q: Do I have to pay for opening a shop? Why?
A: Yes. It costs 20 points to open a shop. This is to keep people from joining, immediately opening a shop, and leaving again - leaving behind am abandoned shop full of stock they would never send out! It takes a little bit of dedication to run a shop and send out sold items, so people have to show some dedication to the site before they can get a shop. Saving up 20 points first also gives people a chance to look around the entire site and understand it before jumping head-first.

Q: Is there a shop limit?
A: No, there is no limit on how many extra slots you can purchase.

Q: Does your shop go away when your shop permit expires?
A: Yes, but your records are kept. Once you activate a new shop permit, you will still have all the extra slots you purchased before.

Q: Do I keep the points people spend on my shop?
A: Yes. Every single point goes to you.

Q: Once a pet sells, does that slot reopen or I have to buy more?
A: It reopens and you're able to use it again.

Q: How much can I sell my petz for?
A: You can set any price you want. The minimum price is 3 points, but there is no maximum.

Q: When you buy a pet, how do you get it?
A: This depends on whether the seller has uploaded the pet as an instant download or not. If the pet is downloadable, you will receive a PM containing a download link. If the pet is not downloadable, instead a box will pop up giving you the option to send the seller a message. The sale is made when you click 'confirm'. You then wait for the seller to send you your purchase.

Q: How do I change my shop description?
A: Under 'My Account'.

Q: Why are the pictures in my shop stretching or shrinking?
A: Shop pictures are resized to 200x200 pixels automatically. Your images will look best if they meet these dimensions.

Cave Site/Gem Shops

Q: What is the Cave Site?
A: You "dig" for Gems at the Cave Site. You can spent those Gems on items in NPC shops.

Q: How do you dig?
A: First you need to purchase a tool. The brush has a higher chance at breaking than the shovel or pickax. After that, you click the cave. Then, you select the tool you want to dig with. You get 10 free digs each day. (Subject to change) If you want to dig more, you can purchase more digs.

Q: Can I trade or sell the gems in my shop?
A: Yes. Gems appear in your inventory and can be sent to other accounts. You can sell them in your shop at any price you want. You'll need to send them manually through your inventory though.

Q: Are some gems harder to get than others?
A: Nope. If you win a gem, the system selects one at random. Each gem has the same amount of chance to be selected.

Q: Why did my ax break on the first try?
A: While the ax has less chances to break, it can still break on the first dig. I've done many, many tests and sometimes the ax breaks on the first try, and sometimes I've gotten a good 35 digs out of it. It's entirely by luck.

Q: Why is it so expensive/hard?
A: I'll try not to be too ranty here. I try to make things as even as I can, but the Cave Site is more of an "end game" feature (for lack of better words.) It's not really meant for someone who has just joined to win 50 gems and buy out the NPC shops. And while you CAN and a lot of people do make profits, it's under "Spend Points" so if you're expecting to make bank under this category you're misunderstanding the feature. The basic point of Gem Shops was to put my hexed files in them. It takes many many hours stretched into a few days to fill each gem shop with just one hexed file. At the time of writing this, 55 accounts have logged in the last 48 hours. If I make the dig site a free for all then I'll (well, kind of already do) have people angry they're always missing out because people are too fast. I can't hex 55 versions of each and every file to make sure everyone has time to get one, on top of I guess making them all 1 gem so no one feels like it's "too hard."

Putting the chip back on my shoulder, if you find it too hard, it's supposed to be. If you find you're losing more points than you're gaining, you're supposed to. If you want it to be easier, it's not going to be. I'd like a little work in exchange for things I put up there, that's the point. If you think what's up isn't worth the effort then it's a feature you just won't take part in. I can't change numbers every time someone has a bad dig because everyone who had a normal dig are swimming in gems.

Q: What else can you win from the Cave Site?
A: Points. Though it's not enough to make bank. It's just to give a little something back for all the points you've spent. :D

Q: I clicked and it didn't say what I got. Not even "You found Nothing!"
A: It's a bug I'm trying to fix. It SHOULD say "You found Nothing!" but it's still reading from the old Dig Site.

Q: Can I donate to the Gem Shops?
A: That'd be awesome. I always accept donations. I can easily find places to put them. If you'd like to send some specifically for the Gem Shops, just let me know and how many gems you'd like it to be sold for. Note that you won't be getting any gems when it's bought. The NPC would go on strike. :/

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