It's an archive, and it's mine. I don't have fancy words to say. Not all of my files are here so if you know of I file I've done and it's not listed, feel free to contact me about it. I normally retire files between 6-8 customs, and on very rare occasions, 10.

Available: Just give a good reason why you want it. Trades are welcome but not required.
Limited: Needs a trade.
Retired: A 5% chance I agree to a trade. Normally I save them for files I really want.

What I like:
I'm very picky with what petz I take in. If I decline, it's also possible I have too many new petz I haven't gotten around to check out so I don't want to add more.

-Addball hexies
-Dark/scary things

-I'm going to say bred petz mainly because it's almost a miracle that I end up liking a bred pet. It's possible, but not likely.
-Flowery/"pretty" hexies
-Paintball only hexies

Just click the albums to view Available, Limited, and Retired files. The file names are the same as the image name. I'm too lazy to do much more than what I've done.