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A cellar Looks like the grave of a dog The dog owner's grave A gravesite A gravesite A gravesite A gravesite The beach The police station The Amethyst shop The Diamond shop

A cellar

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Looks like the grave of a dog

There by the graveside will the noble dog be found,
His head between his paws,
His eyes sad, but open in alert watchfulness,
Faithful and true even in death.
1860 - 1869

The dog owner's grave

There's no name, it only reads :

A simple man who loved his extraordinary dog
illegible - 1868

A gravesite

This one is the most unprepossessing. It's barely legible.

He died as he had lived; Alone
illegible - illegible

A gravesite

Chip Bootz
If you're reading this, I'm dead
1722 - 1755

A gravesite

Oscar Jester
Eagerly awaits the love of his life; whom promises to be laid to rest at his side
1641 - 1683

A gravesite

All three stones have the same family name
One doesn't seem to be visited as much as the others

The beach

It won't open until a deal with the sharks can be made

The police station

Peachpit doesn't want to get Sergeant Davy involved.

The Amethyst shop

There's no reason to bother Leonard.

The Diamond shop

Lady, the Sergeant's wife. Best not get her involved ...